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TJ Marquez*

TJ Marquez
Chief Risk Officer
Investment Committee Member

TJ Marquez began working for Smith Breeden Associates in 1986, a Mortgage Backed Securities trading firm, eventually becoming a partner, writing the valuation software for Mortgage Backed Securities and being the account manager for Franklin Savings, the firm’s largest client. In 1990 he left to help run Perot Investments, Ross Perot Sr.’s family office. During his 16 years there, he became partner at both Perot Investments and Parkcentral Capital, a hedge fund created to invest money for both the Perot family and outside investors. He was head of qualitative and quantitative research, creating a CTA that returned 17% per annum over 11 years. He also was the portfolio manager for the Perot Investments public stock portfolio and developed their portfolio accounting system. In 2008 through 2013 he was CEO of Sinapi Capital an entity that invested in stock, currencies and Mortgage Backed Securities for Jim Sowell. With his strong mathematical and engineering background, Mr. Marquez creates tools to identify entry and exit points for investments, while incorporating qualitative information to determine what managers should be evaluated.